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The Bananomanomans was a spinoff of Judge Mia, focusing on Matilda, Murphy, Marley, and Maggie's family.

After a failed pilot episode, the series has been on hiatus since 1311. The show has been questioned for cancellation many times, but JMN insisted on keeping the show alive because they "never know when they'll want to pick it back up again". Then, it was officially cancelled in 1334. An identical show, The Bananomanomans: Again, was announced the same day.

List of EpisodesEdit

S# E# Titlecard Name Description
1 1
The New Doo Matilda can't find a salon that does "bald cuts," meanwhile, Murphy is invited to his boss's fancy party. Also, Maggie and Marley are having bully troubles at school.
1 2 none Bong!

Marley gets uncovers a plan that reveals a murder, Maggie accidentally brakes Reynold's urn, and Matilda is really mad at her, and Murphy's office is under construction, so her has to write his apple report in the shabby fast food restaurant next door.