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Season 8 is the season for 1315. The pilot for this season was The People vs. the Halfbreeds. The special for this season is Fransisco's Disturbing Discovery. Instead of Buck's Lil' World, a mini-series in this season called Turdsley's Lil' World airs after episodes. It is the last season to be produced/aired over one year.

List of Episodes in Season 8Edit

# Titlecard Title Plot
Tpvthb screenshot

The People vs. the Halfbreeds (season premiere)

Everyone in the world sues the three halfbreeds in existance! Meanwhile, Humphrey comes to town!
Croakella vs. Schnauzette Screenshot

Croakella vs. Schnauzette

Secrets are revealed after Croakella sues the blind Schnauzette.
Fransisco's Disturbing Discovery Screenshot

Fransisco's Disturbing Discovery

In the special for Season 8, Fransisco finds out who he gave up for adoption many years ago.
The Revenge of Judge Maya Screenshot
The Revenge of Judge Maya

(season finale)

After Judge Maya kidnaps the Bananomanomans, Judge Mia (along with other friendly faces) must infiltrate Maya's fortress and save the B-mans before the deadline expires in 24 hours.