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Season 7 is the season for 1314. The first production, though not the first episode, was the short Judge Mia Meets Supermonkey. Birdena vs. JMN Studios served as the season premier, followed by six more episodes. The special for this season was Postcards from Buck, when Buck discovers he is leaving for an entire year to explore the world! This episode served as the season finale.

List of Season 7 EpisodesEdit

# Titlecard Title Plot
Birdena vs. JMN Studios Screenshot

Birdena vs. JMN Studios (season premiere)

After breaking her back in that dancing incident, Birdena bounces back and sues JMN Studios!
BYGSTWD Screnshot

Bring-Your-Grandson-To-Work Day

Judge Mia dreads JMN's annual Bring-Your-Grandson-to-Work Day, when Marley comes to the court with her; and it looks like this year will be the worst yet!

The Monkamorphs

A freak accident causes Mia and Buck to morph into one body!
Perry vs. Mary Screenshot
Perry vs. Mary Mary sues her ex-boyfriend, Perry, for terrorizing her family ever since she dumped him.
Judge Buck Screenshot
Judge Buck Buck wins the Judge-for-A-Day Raffle Sweepstakes and becomes Mia's temporary substitute! But the power quickly goes to his head.
TROJM Screenshot
The Return of Judge Maya Judge Maya escapes jail, kidnaps Judge Mia, and switches bodies with her to ruin Mia's reputation!
Postcards from Buck Screenshot

Postcards from Buck (season finale)

Buck's dad surprises him with a trip around the world! Buck will be gone for a whole year, but Turdsley's not too happy about that.