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Season 6 has 1 short, seven episodes, and two specials. The first production, though not the first episode, was the short Buck's Lil' World Easter Spectacular. The Earth Day special, Buck's Lil' Earth, was produced in this season. The highly anticipated special, The Justice Bride, in which Mia and Fransisco get married, was produced in this season. In this season the show experienced dramatic changes in its format, including a new opening introduction, credits at the end, and the new segment Ask Mia, which was cancelled after this season. Because of the short, it is the longest season ever.

List of Season 6 EpisodesEdit

# Screenshot Title Plot
Bobby Jane vs. His Parents Screenshot

Bobby Jane vs. His Parents (season premier)

Bobby Jane sues his parents and demands to legally change his name!
Hipper vs. Chipper Screenshot

Hipper vs. Chipper

After her latest fit of rage, Mia is sent to Anger Management! Meanwhile, Chipper sues her twin Hipper for posing as her during a crime spree.

Turdsley vs. Fat-Bear

Turdsley sues Fat-Bear for false advertising.
When Mia Met Barry Screenshot
When Mia Met Barry A typical case between Croakella and a dog named Barry becomes Mia's first encounter with Grassburger's Syndrome, and she becomes determined to learn more about the disease.
Buck's Lil' Earth Buck, Turdsley, and Brownfeather team up to save the Fragile Forest from being cut down in this Judge Mia Earth Day special!
Nut vs. the Bananomanomans Judge Maya tricks Nut into suing Mia's family! Now Judge Mia is forced to make her most feared or business!?

The Justice Bride (season finale)

Fransisco and Mia's long-awaited wedding is finally here! But Mia is worried what Fransisco will think when he discovers that she's a judge...