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Season 5 was produced in 1312. Five episodes and a short were produced. It was the first season without a special. Each episode of Season 5 contains the number 5 hidden somewhere for viewers to find. Season 5's production was questionable during Season 4, as Guacamolito had not confirmed it until very late in the year. This is the second season to have at least five episodes, and the last season to use titlecards.

List of Season 5 EpisodesEdit

# Screenshot Title Plot
KvCC Screenshot

Kernelle vs. CamCam (season premiere)

Kernelle sues teen popstar CamCam for smoking in this fan-written pilot for Season 5.
BBvDAB Screenshot

Big Bobby vs. Drag-a-Butt

Big Bobby the Fire Chief sues Rory (a.k.a. Drag-a-Butt) for violating fire safety protocol at preschool Fire Safety Day. Nobody expected that everyone's lives would be changed that day, after a mysterious fire appears in JMN Studios...
The People vs. Hipper Screenshot

The People vs. Hipper

Hipper has stolen a priceless diamond! There were five witnesses, each with a different story of what happened. How will Mia decide which is true?
Jury Fury Screenshot
Jury Fury By order of the new law, Judge Mia must give up her power to make way for the new jury.

Judge Maya (season finale)

Judge Mia discovers a competing judge show, and plots to sabotage the new rival.