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Judge Mia Seasons
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Season 3 aired in 1310 with four episodes. The special for this season was Just-In-Time Justice. At the end of the season, a series of shorts called Judge Mia Spoof Week were aired, spoofing famous viral videos. Fourteen shorts were made.

List of Season 3 EpisodesEdit

# Screenshot Title Plot
Cute vs. Cute Screenshot

Cute vs. Cute (season premier)

The two cutest stuffies in the world let you decide who is cuter.
Brownfeather vs. the Logger Union Screenshot

Brownfeather vs. the Logger Union

Brownfeather is back, and she's bad; this time she's suing the Logger Union for cutting down her forefathers' trees. Fortunately, Judge Mia butts in and stabs them with the Dagger of Righteousness.
JITJ Screenshot
Just-In-Time Justice Mia and the gang accidentally travel back in time and alter the past. Now it's up to them to restore order to the time lapse and save the Universe.
You Are Mia Screenshot

You Are Mia (season finale)

You get a first-person view of a day in the life of Judge Mia! Meanwhile, Mackenzie sues George for bullying her.