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Season 10 is the season for 1318 and 1319. The special for this season is Judge Mia's Halloween. The Judge Mia's Scare-a-Thon, a three-episode Halloween marathon, was in this season. Season 10 was originally planned to be the final season of Judge Mia. After the show's cancellation was announced, it was granted a farewell season, making Season 10 the second-to-last season.

This season spanned two years, the second season to do so, following the theme of Season 9.

List of Season 10 EpisodesEdit

# Titlecard Title Plot Airyear
Grouch vs. Mama Java Screenshot

Grouch vs. Mama Java (season premiere)

Grouch sues Ginger for giving her scalding hot coffee!! Meanwhile, Nut has had it; he's going on strike! 1318
Brownflesh Screenshot

It's courthouse picture day tomorrow, but where's Brownfeather? The gang soon discovers her shocking secret...SHE'S MOLTING!

No Shell for Turd Screeshot2
No Shell for Turd When Turdsley learns he doesn't have a shell in science class, he searches the town for his own! But when he finally gets one, is it all what it's "cracked" up to be? 1318
Night of the Living Ape Screenshot

Night of the Living Ape

(First episode of Judge Mia's Scare-A-Thon) When a double-dog-dare goes wrong, the city becomes plagued with a zombie outbreak! Can Mia survive, or will she become one of them?

The Haunted Screenshot
The Haunted (Second episode of Judge Mia's Scare-A-Thon) After Birdena locks Judge Mia and Nut in the courthouse, they make a chilling JMN Studios haunted?! 1319

Judge Mia's Halloween (season finale)

(Third episode of Judge Mia's Scare-A-Thon) Join Judge Mia and the gang for Halloween! Mia judges a Halloween case, Turdsley is banned from trick-or-treating, and the preschoolers find out if Birdena really is a witch... 1319