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Marley Bananomanoman
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c. 1304[1]



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Marley Bananomanoman is Judge Mia's grandson. He is kind and loving, but frequently competes with his twin sister, Maggie, for their grandmother's affection.

Personality Edit

Marley is always very kind and loving. It comes from his father, Murphy's, side of the family. But when it comes to his twin sister Maggie, sibling rivalry kicks in. He goes to PS-22 preschool in Miss Luna and Mrs. Dotter's class, and he always gets straight A's. He is nice to everyone he meets, but he gets bullied at school because of his niceness. In later seasons, Marley has developed a kind of "braniac" personality, like creating the SuperFuser.



Marley loves his family. He takes from his father's side of the family. He has a firm relationship with his parents, but his twin sister Maggie is a different story. He is constantly competing with her for the affection of Mia, their grandmother. He hasn't been told yet that he had a grandfather, he just assumes that everyone else only has one grandmother. He also doesn't yet know about Mia's relationship with Fransisco.

At SchoolEdit

Marley is friends with his teachers, Miss Luna and Mrs. Dotter. It is revealed in The Bananomanomans that he and his sister are often bullied by George and Hammer, the school bullies. Marley is considered "totally un-cool" at his preschool, and is oftne teased and/or picked on, thought he is the teahcer's favorite student.


Marley is about half the size of his parents. Mostly he looks exactly like them, except for a slightly darker fur compexion and a spot of red hair on his head, which he will grow out of.


After Marley Bananomanoman' s debut role in Judge Mia, his career as a young actor has skyrocketed. He stars in the hit new drama, Marlin, and a movie is in planning called "Sock of Oppurtunity" about his young career. He has one six fluffy awards, and was placed as number 2 in the "Top 10 Stuffie Celebrities".


  • "Grandma!"
  • "Yeah, and thanks for inviting all of your friends, too."


  • If you're wondering why he has red hair, all baby sockmonkeys do, but they eventually grow out of it.
  • In Judge Mia, his teacher is Miss Luna, but in The Bananomanomans, his teacher is Mrs. Dotter. This is either a goof or he has two teachers.


  1. He was 4 years of age in 1308