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The Hidden Number 5 appears in every episode of Season 5, hidden somewhere for viewers to find.

List of Hiding SpotsEdit

Episode Image (Click to enlarge) Hiding Spot
Kernelle vs. CamCam
The 5 is hidden in the crowd when CamCam says, "I wasn't smoking," and Kernelle says, "He was smoking!"
Big Bobby vs. Drag-a-Butt
The 5 is hidden in the crowd when Nut says, "Everyone, exit the building in an orderly fashion."
The People vs. Hipper
The 5 is hidden in the background when Marley says that he has a better version of the story. [Note: the 5 wasn't originally filmed so they had to edit it in.]
Jury Fury
The 5 is hidden on the floor next to Judge Mia's chair when the announcer says, "We will return to Judge Mia after these messages." This may be the hardest to find because it only appears for a split second.
Judge Maya
The 5 is hidden behind Nut's head when he and Mia are cutting the fuse box.