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Buck's Lil' World is a mini-series of segments starring Buck. It premiered along with the pilot for Season 4. Each segment is shown at the end of the episode. In each segment, Buck promotes a good motive, only to mess it up and make it look stupid. So far there are three subseries each made up of three Buck's Lil' World segments that follow along the same storyline. They are Buck's Death, Buck Does Drugs, and Buck Gets Kidnapped.

The miniseries ended with 42 segments with the episode Buck vs. Hipper. It is confirmed at the finale, Judge Mia Forever, will not have a Buck's Lil' World.

List of SegmentsEdit

# Piggyback Episode Clip Motive Description
1 Grouch vs. Fat-Bear Bucklilworld2 Respect for Elders Buck tries to help a geezer cross the road, but pushes her into the path of an oncoming bus instead.
2 Chelsea vs. Uni Buni Bucklilworld3 Eating Healthy Buck wants to eat healthier, but his mom didn't pack anything healthy! So he replaces some kid's apple with an onion and steals the apple.
3 Judge Mia's Valentine's Day Bucklw3 Sharing After sharing his fluffy hat with a posse of girls, Buck "shares" his head lice and the girls are quarantined.
4 Honeymoon of Horror Bucklw4 Forgiveness Buck is determined to be a more forgiving person, but instead his anger is unleashed on his little brothers for breaking his favorite toy.
5 Kernelle vs. CamCam Buckslw5 Don't Lie You should never lie...and that's why Buck told his friend about Stinky's lil' secret!created by Flutter Furry
6 Big Bobby vs. Drag-a-Butt Bucklw6 Recycling Buck decides to "recycle" pooping it for the next person to eat!
7 The People vs. Hipper Bucklw7 Car Safety

(Buck's Death segment 1)

After carefully teaching about seatbelts, Buck gets into a horrific car crash and DIES!!! TO BE CONTINUED...
8 Jury Fury Bucklw8 Behaving at Funerals

(Buck's Death segment 2)

It's Buck's funeral, but then he suddenly comes back from the dead! TO BE CONTINUED...
9 Judge Maya Bucklw9 Don't Die

(Buck's Death segment 3)

What did Buck see during his near death experience?
10 Judge Maya (DELETED SCENE) Bucklw10 Be Nice to Fat People Buck insults Turdsley because he's FAT!!! (It's funny because he's fat!)
11 --- Judgemiacovereaster Buck's Lil' World Easter Spectacular Buck learns the true meaning of Easter.
12 Bobby Jane vs. His Parents Bux100 Obey Your Parents Buck "obeys" his parents.
13 Hipper vs. Chipper Bucklw10 Do a Good Turn Daily Buck does his "good turn" for the day.
14 Turdsley vs. Fat-Bear Bucklw11 Don't Smoke

(Buck Does Drugs segment 1)

Turdsley offers Buck a cigarette...
15 When Mia Met Barry Don't Drink Beer

(Buck Does Drugs segment 2)

After Buck's lung transplant, he returns only to be pressured by Turdsley into drinking beer.
16 Buck's Lil' Earth Stop Global Warming Turdsley has a new toy! But it's making global warming worse! Think of the polar bears!
17 Nut vs. the Bananomanomans Don't Do Illegal Drugs

(Buck Does Drugs segment 3)

Buck learns that Turdsley has been smuggling illegal drugs across the border...and he wants in on the action!
18 The Justice Bride Be Mature Golly gee, Buck tried to be mature, he really did, but somehow things just slipped away from him... >:)
19 Birdena vs. JMN Studios Don't Say Swear Words Buck "accidentally" teaches his two brothers a swear word.
20 Bring-Your-Grandson-To-Work Day Litter Don't Litter Buck doesn't litter, or does he?
21 The Monkamorphs Don't Make Fun of Snobby Rich People Buck makes fun of a snobby rich person!
22 Perry vs. Mary Everyone's a Critic Buck's mom hates his artwork!!!
23 Judge Buck Be Responsible Buck shows his mom how responsible he is by not cleaning his room.
24 The Return of Judge Maya Look Both Ways Before You Cross the Street Guess what happens after Buck looks both ways and crosses the street.
25 Postcards from Buck Buck Trains Turdsley Since Buck is going away for a year, Buck teaches Turdsley how to be his substitute!
26 The People vs. the Halfbreeds Eat Baked Chips

(Turdsley's Lil' World)

Turdsley kicks off the first segment of Turdsley's Lil' World with a little lesson about good food for fat people.
27 Croakella vs. Schnauzette Lift Weights

(Turdsley's Lil' World)

Turdsley does some bodybuilding!!!
28 Fransisco's Disturbing Discovery Wear a Pedometer When You Walk

(Turdsley's Lil' World)

Turdsley wears a pedometer when he walks.
29 The Revenge of Judge Maya Go on a Diet/Punish Your Friend if They Ruin Your Minishow

(Buck & Turdsley's Lil' World)

Buck's back! But he fires Turdsley.
30 Birdena vs. Geezer Groves Don't Give in to Peer Pressure Buck's friends are using peer pressure on Buck! Luckily Buck prevails.
31 Turd Love Follow Your Dream Let's just say, if you want to be a vet when you grow up...don't.
32 Grouch vs. Mama Java Include Others Buck is so nice! He included Turdsley when the gang was playing the slave!!!


Believe in Yourself Buck definitely doesn't have self-esteem problems...

No Shell for Turd

Be Careful Around Strangers

(Buck Gets Kidnapped segment 1)

A stranger needs help finding her puppy. Buck has to help, right?
35 Night of the Living Ape Don't Judge People Based on How Much Money They Have EDIT: Buck said its actually okay to judge people if they're super snotty and spoiled.
36 The Haunted Play it Safe on the Internet NEVER disclode ANY personal information on the internet EVER!!!
37 Judge Mia's Halloween Halloween Safety Halloween Safety Buck tells kids how to play it safe on Halloween.
38 So Sue Me! Kidnapper Don't Do What Kidnappers Say

(Buck Gets Kidnapped segment 2)

After the events of segment 34, Buck doesn't know how long he can handle being locked up in the kidnapper's house.
39 The Dark Side of the Mutt Take Advantage of Opportunities (Buck Gets Kidnapped segment 3) Can Buck escape kidnapper Hipper's house when her stupid husband Ribbitz orders pizza?
40 Brownfeather's Prophecy Be Punctual Buck knows that you should always be "punctural"...
41 Crappy Anniversary Step3 Knife Safety Buck teaches knife safety! (with some help with Turdsley)
42 Buck vs. Hipper Blw Be Loyal to Your Friends Buck tells Turdsley to be loyal to him, thus making Turdsley his slave!