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Buck's Lil' Earth
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Buck's Lil' Earth is the 5th episode of the 6th season of Judge Mia, and the 25th episode overall. The events in this episode take place in 1313.


Buck, Turdsley, and Brownfeather have to save Fragile Forest before the Evil Association chops it down...including the endangered Mighty Oak.


The episode begins in Judge Mia's courtroom when the Evil Association is requesting building permits to destroy the Fragile Forest and build a toxic waste dump. Further into the case, Brownfeather butts in and warns of dire consequenses if the forest is cut down. Mia ignores this and grants the permits. The scene then cuts to Buck and Turdsley hanging out in Fragile Forest. Just then, Majesty leaves a sign that announces the plans for the toxic waste dump. Buck and Turdsley agree that they need to protest, and go into town to gather other protesters. Here they meet up with Brownfeather, who tells them that if the forest is cut down, the Mighty Oak tree species will go extinct. The trio then get to work, announcing their plans to stop the Evil Association. The next day, the Evil Association and their bulldozer arrive at the forest. Buck, Turdsley, and Brownfeather stand in front of it, but when Hipper revvs the engine, Turdsley and Brownfeather run away and only Buck is left. Hipper then runs over Buck and destroys the forest, cutting down the last Mighty Oak tree. One month later, Buck, Turdsley, and Brownfeather meet Judge Mia at the new toxic waste dump. Mia tells them that she managed to save a Mighty Oak leaf. They plant it and it grows into a new tree! (However, a clip after the credits shows Hipper cutting down that same tree.)


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Buck's Lil' World

Stop Global Warming is the Buck's Lil' World segment for this episode. In this segment, Turdsley has a new toy! But it's making global warming worse! Think of the polar bears!
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  • "Ya know, Buck. Maybe cwacking up twees isn't all it's cwacked up to be?" - Turdsley
  • "Timmmmbeeeerrrrr!!!!" - Hipper



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Crowd Members: Velvet, Banana Bean, Cudz, Private, Pooh, Crabbear, Elmer, Croakella, Cornflake, Unnamed Starfish, Smokey