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Buck's Death is a three-segment subseries of Buck's Lil' World, centered around Buck's near death expierence and "resurrection." The first segment is piggybacked with The People vs. Hipper, and this is when Buck actually dies in a car crash while teaching about seatbelt safety. The second segment is piggybacked with Jury Fury, and this is at Buck's funeral when he arises from the coffin. The third segment is piggybacked with Judge Maya, and this features Buck conversing with a counselor about his near death expirence, in which he meets Snorty again and gets a glimpse of Heaven before awaking in the coffin at his funeral. Buck was thought to be dead from the end of The People vs. Hipper and during the filming of Jury Fury (which was one day in Earth time, but felt to Buck as if it was five minutes). In each of the three segments, Buck somehow manages to teach a motive; in the first it was Car Safety, in the second Behaving at Funerals, and in the third Don't Die.