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Brownfeather vs. the Logger Union
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Brownfeather vs. the Logger Union is the 2nd episode of the 3rd season of Judge Mia, and the 9th episode overall. The events in this episode take place in 1310.


Brownfeather is back, and she's bad; this time she's suing the Logger Union for cutting down her forefathers' trees. Fortunately, Judge Mia butts in and stabs them with the Dagger of Righteousness.


The episode opens with Brownfeather explaining to Judge Mia about how the Logger Union cuts down millions of trees every hour. Brownfeather then claims that she is the rightful Princess of Nature. Cudz insists that his union only cuts down a couple trees a week. Nut butts in and tells everyone that he found a video tape in Brownfeather's back pocket. It shows Brownfeather cutting down a tree and laughing about it. Brownfeather is then arrested and the episode ends.


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Buck's Lil' WorldEdit

Buck's Lil' World did not air with this episode.


  • "Your ignorant minds will not understand this, I assure you, but my forefathers lived with the land, and I am the rightful heiress of the queen OF NATURE!" -Brownfeather
  • "SHUT UP!!!" -Judge Mia
  • "No more than we have to, which is usually zero." -Cudz
  • "If I may cut in, I found this video footage in Brownfeather's back pocket." -Nut


  • This is the only episode so far with a different song for the title card.
  • The commercial in this episode, the Hag Button, is the most popular Judge Mia episode so far.
  • Brownfeather died in Nigel vs. Buck, so how can she be in this episode? A satisfactory explanation for this was never given.


Brownfeather vs. the Logger Union Crowd

Crowd Members: Unnamed Platypus (Number 2), Perry, Smokey, Unnamed Leopard, Majesty, Buck, Ken, Ginger, Private, Turdsley